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Who DOESN'T love a good story!

We asked our clients to share their stories about how they got started. This is what they had to say . . .

The most Magical flower shop . . .

With 2 university degrees and few job prospects, Michelle turned her passion for flowers into her own small business.

5 Valentines days and 200 weddings later, she's still going strong!

MICHELLE STENSON, Chartreuse Flower Works


Blowing new life into an old trade . .

After his employer retired and closed down, Manny found himself in a difficult employment position.

His cure, was to start his own business!

MANNY PACHECCO, Kingston Plaster & Stucco Ltd.</p

Welding into Art . . .

To break the cycle of seasonal layoffs, Geoff opened his own mobile welding business. 

3 years later he bought his own shop! Geoff has since become a destination for custom welding services.

It's pretty cool to see what he's accomplished in a few short years!

GEOFF UBDEGROVE, Tungsten Welding Ltd.


Hard work DOES pay off!

What do you get when you cross a strong work ethic, with a passion for working with stone?

You get a successful masonry contracting business!

Meet Lee Rankin, and hear him describe how he transformed his passion into a living dream.

LEE RANKIN, Stone Worx Masonry

How 'downsizing, restructuring & rightsizing' created a business opportunity . . .

After Jodie's employer laid off a large part of its workforce, Psychologist, Dr. Jodie Waisberg opened her own private practice.

DR. JODIE WAISBERG, Psychologist, PhD., CPsych


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