About BossAbilities

About BossAbilities


BossAbilities is all about independence for our client. 

We develop and deliver entrepreneurial training, designed specifically for the Entrepreneur looking to become self-sufficient through self-employment. 

All of our FastTrack courses are designed to help our clients gain independence quickly.


Meet the Founder

Peter Skebo, Founder, BossAbilities

My name is Peter Skebo and I have owned and operated my own business training and consulting firm since 1993.  In that time I have directly assisted in the startup and maintenance of thousands of small to medium sized businesses.

Undoubtedly, the secret to my success in helping my clients started with our signature “Fast Track Business Skills Program.” It was a solid, 4-week course on Entrepreneurship . . . the ONLY one of its kind.  ALL of my clients were required to complete it.

We ran 5 identical programs per year . . . for 18 years! In fact, in June 2015, I finished delivering my 85th Fast Track Business Skills Program.

My ability to help others gain independence through Entrepreneurship was limited by the number of seats in my classroom.

Over the years I advised many of my clients to “work smarter . . . not harder,” and one day, after looking at my calendar and seeing the words “Class #85” I decided to take my own advice.

So in June 2015, I put down my chalk and set my sights on BossAbilities.

BossAbilities is the perfect vehicle for me to continue my life’s work, and help others gain independence through Entrepreneurship.  

As the founder of BossAbilities, I am a business owner too! I understand the challenges that business owners and their employees face every day.

My personal experiences, understanding and professional expertise in helping clients through diverse “rough patches” are incorporated into every BossAbilities course we offer.


Mission Statement

At BossAbilities, our number one mission is to help our clients gain independence through Entrepreneurship. We develop and deliver relevant, dynamic and high quality business training & programming. We guide our clients through the process of discovering, exploring and expanding their own “Boss Abilities” to ensure they are among the strong leaders in their communities.


Standards of Quality

BossAbilities is all about Training!

Every BossAbilities course has been thoughtfully prepared to be relevant to the needs of the Adult learner. All courses are creatively delivered in engaging and dynamic ways, and are designed to hold attention.

All course Materials have been thoroughly examined and tested before being released for public consumption. We strive for perfection in our materials, and we get closer every day by being open to comments and suggestions from our valued clients.

We recognize that continued Research & Development is critical to our success. The world is always changing and so are we! While we continue to develop new training experiences that are relevant, we will improve our existing course offerings so that they reflect the changing times.

Our most valuable asset is our Customer! We promise that we will treat every customer with respect, and extend every courtesy to ensure their BossAbilities experience is a positive one.

We at BossAbilities are customers too, and we appreciate great Service!  We only align with business partners who share our vision.


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