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Offer your students a real-life Bookkeeping experience, as though they were actually on a job! 

Our customized practice set comes with over 50 personalized invoices, receipts and statements that your students will record in a sample set of books.  These documents are identical to those found in a real-world setting.

This creative practice set will ensure your students experience bookkeeping as though they were on-the-job . .
. . . before they get there!

Each Practice Set Includes:

Step-by-step Instruction

Most accounting textbooks only offer preliminary instruction on month-end processing! Each practice set comes with step-by-step instructions on completing bank reconciliations using actual bank statements and cancelled checks. It also includes instruction & sample journal entries for tricky transactions, such as when a business owner purchases business supplies using personal funds, or making personal purchases with business funds!

Customized Source Documents

In real life, Bookkeeping is tactile.  We believe accounting training should be as well!  Each practice set comes comes with over 50 personalized receipts, invoices and statements.  They are custom printed at the time of your order. The documents are identical to the ones that every Bookkeeper encounters in a real-world setting, and they cover a 2-month period of time. Completion of this practice set ensures you will have experienced bookkeeping in an actual real-life setting.  You will know EXACTLY what to do on-the-job when you get there!

Check out the following samples from an actual set:


Purchase Receipts

for office supplies, gas, postage, . .

Purchase Invoices

for equipment, utilities, phone, . . 

Expense Claim

for purchases made personally by owner . .

Sales Invoices

for products and services

Bank Deposits

made through an ATM

Bank Statements

including reconciliation worksheets

Payroll Record

includes payroll exercise

Working Papers

includes journals and ledgers

Answer Key

** included with every order

** Answer keys include the working papers, trial balances and financial statements. 
If the practice set is used as part of a College or University program, we can arrange to have the answer keys shipped to the Professor for distribution to the student after evaluation.

Each Practice Set Includes:


There are two versions of the Practice Set:

Experiential Practice Set

The student will receive the full practice set, including answer keys. They will have full control of the experience and will be able to evaluate their performance independently at various steps along the way.

With this version, there is no opportunity for the Professor to evaluate or grade the work although most who use this product allot classroom time for completion.

Download a PDF brochure of the Experiential Practice Set here.

Evaluative Practice Set

The student will not receive the answer key with their order, rather, the answer key will be shipped to the course Professor. This way, the Student will still complete the practice set independently after which the Professor will evaluate and/or grade their work.

The Professor will return the answer key to the student after the evaluation.

Download a PDF brochure of the Evaluative Practice Set here.

If you would like more information about using this Practice Set in your program, please email [email protected]

Note for Adult Education, Entrepreneurship and Office Administration Programs
If you teach in an Office Administration program, you will definitely be interested in our FastTrack Bookkeeping Textbook with Working Papers and Practice Set. This product is perfectly aligned with the vocational learning outcomes defined by most Jurisdictions and it has the added benefit of including the Practice Set.

If you haven’t already, you can review FastTrack Bookkeeping here. It’s also the perfect product for anyone enrolled in an Adult Education or Entrepreneurship program looking to pick up essential Bookkeeping skills.

Download a PDF brochure of FastTrack Bookkeeping with special school pricing here.


Questions about pricing?  Call us, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm EST.

What do you mean by "custom?"

Good question!  Most people are intrigued, and even a little incredulous by this concept.

Each practice set package is physically printed on several different printers at the time of the order. The receipts are all different sizes, weights and paper orientation.  Each receipt incorporates customization to the student in some way, such as their name (for instance).  Our system also recognizes the jurisdiction of the student (City, Town, State, Province) and uses, as closely as possible, the legal names of taxes, tax rates (if applicable) and government departments & agencies. When we say the receipts are "actual" . . . . we're not joking!

They are the real thing!

Can I use this to teach a class?

Of course! We extracted this practice set from our FastTrack Bookkeeping course and revised it to be a stand-alone teaching tool.  It is the perfect companion for any accounting course or bookkeeping course.  University and College Professors will find this practice set to be a valuable addition to their curriculum.  Its a perfect fit!

Click for more information on ordering this practice set for your students.


The practice set looks great, but what if I'm looking for a complete course . . . with textbook?  Do you offer that?

Absolutely! You can purchase our flagship course FastTrack Bookkeeping which includes these practice set materials.  Many Colleges & Universities are using our course materials so that their graduates experience the Bookkeeping process in a real-world setting.  We also offer HD video lessons with the textbook training.

FastTrack Bookkeeping is the perfect course for students enrolled in any Office Administration or Secretarial program. It satisfies the performance requirements and delivery standards to qualify as a credit in most certificate and diploma programs.

Learn more about FastTrack Bookkeeping.


Are there any prerequisites?

Yes!  This practice set was designed for the Accounting Student or Bookkeeping Student who has completed Accounting 1 & Accounting 2 (or equivalent) classroom training, and some intermediate (3rd & 4th semester) accounting courses.  Students enrolled in an Office Administration program who have taken the introductory accounting courses will find this practice set useful.

The practice set assumes the Student has a working knowledge of double-entry accounting, merchandising firms (retail / wholesale / manufacturers), payroll, sales taxes and month-end processing.  If you are looking for a complete training experience including the practice set, then you will want to purchase FastTrack Bookkeeping.

Practice Set Pricing

We have three ordering options to choose from:

Experiential Practice Set

(Answer Key ships WITH Practice Set)


(icludes shipping & applicable taxes)

  • Student places order
  • Practice Set & AnswerKey is shipped directly to Student




Download the ordering brochure below and give it to your students.

Download Ordering Brochure

Evaluative Practice Set

(Answer Key is shipped to Professor)


(includes shipping & applicable taxes)

  • Student places order
  • Practice Set is shipped directly to Student
  • Answer Key is shipped to Professor for distribution to student AFTER their work has been evaluated

Download the ordering brochure below and give it to your students.

Download Ordering Brochure

Evaluative Practice Set

(Answer Key is shipped to Professor)


(includes shipping & applicable taxes)

  • Bookstore places order
  • Practice Sets are shipped directly to your Bookstore
  • Answer key is shipped to Professor for distribution to student AFTER their work has been evaluated

Download the ordering brochure below and give it to your Bookstore.

Download Ordering Brochure

Who are we?

We are BossAbilities, and we help establish and grow small community-based businesses.

Founder, Peter Skebo, has taught Bookkeeping at both the College level and through his own business school since 1996.

Peter published FastTrack Bookkeeping in 2016: a bookkeeping course designed for small businesses with the Adult learner in mind. This Practice Set is an integral component of FastTrack Bookkeeping as it provides clients with the real-world experience of processing books in a working environment.

Peter realized that this practice set would be of use to College & University students, and so he created this stand-alone product.

This Practice Set is used by Colleges & Universities throughout the United States and Canada.


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